industria brand FILSTAR elementless filter

FILSTAR has a very simple structure with no filter element, commercialized by industria
based on its own patent, which consists of Three-block technology;
Super-centrifugal block, High precipitation block and Calm precipitation block.
FILSTAR has patent protection in Japan and other countries.
mechanism of FILSTAR
1.Super-centrifugal Block
Specially designed stainless steel block generates a centifugal action and forces particulates in the suctioned fluid outside and downward to the High precipitation block, cleared fluid upward to the outlet nozzle.
2.High Precipitation Block
Particulates are driven downward due to specially treated surface of the High precipitation block, by which the high separation efficiency is guarateed.
3.Calm Precipitation Block
Separated particulates settle in the Calm precipitation block.
FILSTAR achieves the sedimental dissociation almost instantaneusly, while it takes many hours under the normal gravity.

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